Our mission is to level the playing field for emerging contemporary artists, faced with barriers of entry, into a successful career within the art world.  We look to represent emerging contemporary fine artists and provide them with the opportunity to establish a global brand and develop rapport with their target clientele. 

Through partnerships with galleries, emerging, private and institutional collectors, we curate special events and deconstruct how collectors think about collecting art.  Our focal point is on the artists' narrative and process, which helps our audience have a clear understand on their story and work.  Our intention is to help our clients develop a sentimental connection with their art because we feel that it's the most important variable in the relationship between the art and the collector.  We choose artist that provoke purpose driven thought and create exhibitions which encourages dialogue and increases the cultural competency of our audience.  

We are deliberate about the artists we choose and our global board of advisors are dedicated to providing artist with global access.  With that being said, we believe we will evolve, empower and influence the contemporary art worlds next generation artists'.